Catholic Church Wedding Photos | St. Louis, MO Photographer | Cassie and Chad

This amazing winter wedding was two things... FUN and COLD! Cassie's fun energy, and Chad's caring demeanor made for one of the smoothest running weddings ever.

The pre-wedding

Witnessing the two take part in a catholic wedding ceremony was a first for me, personally. Leading into the wedding Cassie had all of her closest friends around her. They were so attentive to her needs, even allowing her private time to pray among the controlled chaos of their getting ready room. One moment that stuck out was when her father saw her in her gown for the first time. A truly amazing moment!

The Perfect Ceremony

The level of tradition during the ceremony was great to experience. During this ceremony it was also great to see the love Chad and Cassie share. Catching them sheepishly grinning and flirting with each while the pastor was speaking was refreshing and fun to watch.

Portraits, Portraits, Portraits!

When it came to there portraits it was IMMEDIATE fun! Even though it was very cold outside we really made some amazing portraits. Cassie's fur only added to the regal effects of the entire day. Between that, the fun brides maids, the snow, the woods, the flowers; it was the perfect equation for amazingness!

Non-Stop Fun at the Reception

Having so much family definitely has it ups when it comes to holding a wedding! The decorations, the help, even just the moral support; it all matters. One thing that stood out with this family was a longstanding tradition they have. The FAMILY bakes a MASS AMOUNT of wedding cakes for all of their relatives' weddings. THIS was definitely one sight to see. 

Anthony Robinson

St. Louis Wedding Photographer