Stop Registering in the PAST | A why to guide on filling your registry

So, you just got engaged? The world is moving by you like a whirlwind. Planning this, booking that, and you barely have time to look up to actually enjoy that fact that you are actually engaged. Welp, now you have to add one more task to the ever growing to-do list. That task is… CREATING YOUR WEDDING REGISTRY! Fun, right? Yes it really is. I mean, this is the time (if you both don’t already have your own) where you and bae get to shop for yourselves. This is where you get to create your own lives by bringing the both of what you enjoy together. And believe it or not, the home stuffers plays a big part in establishing that feeling.

We’ve all seen the many social media videos of couples in their favorite department stores, scanner in hand, beeping their registry wish-lists into oblivion! I like to imagine Mandark from Dexter’s Lab evil laugh with endless beeping in the background, lol. While this is can be a very fun aspect of the planning process; we just have to consider one thing… TIME! Between your full-time job, their full time job, family, friends, life, other planning responsibilities, it can get a little crazy trying to find the good time to head out and spend an afternoon fake shopping! News flash, I HAVE A SOLUTION!

ENTER! Yes, there is a newer site circulating around solely for creating your online wedding registry! Let me tell you, this thing is dope! All the two of you need to do is sit down at your computer or phone, create your account, and start adding what you see yourself wanting to your account! That simple.

Now we’ve solved some things here:

  1. You don’t have to get up and move anymore. Save yourself time and gas :)

  2. Your shopping experience is now easy and just as full with the over 500 top brands that they carry


If that’s one thing I’ve seen happen so many times is the plight of the double gift giver. You know, the person who goes to shop off of a friends registry, but doesn’t make sure to give the cashier the name of the registry their shopping for. So, now that item stays on the list for the next person to buy… AGAIN. And It just becomes a vicious cycle. I’ve been to a function where someone LITERALLY received the same gift FOUR TIMES. This only adds just another trip to your to-do list after your wedding.

With Zola, you don’t have to worry about this anymore because as soon as a guest makes purchase, that item is taken out of your Zola store! Simple and hands off; which is what I love.

Check this out to see how things work + more!

Oh, and not to mention it syncs BEAUTIFULLY with our wedding website design service.

I encourage you. Check out. Save yourself some time and make your wedding experience just that much better! :)