Wedding at St. Louis, MO Clubhouse

It’s always amazing to see how much love and support comes together when a couple holds a St. Louis wedding and becomes married. Julian and Saidah were direct witness to that love and support. However, to keep an even deeper sense of home they decided to bring their big party back to St. Louis, MO.

The day started off very relaxed. Only close friends of the two hung out as they prepared for the night of festivities. They made sure to share shots, laughs, and memories as they celebrated the union of the Pearsons. Once they were ready they headed off to the venue located at The Forest Park Golf Couse ClubHouse.

When they arrived they were greeted by all of their family and friends! Since all of the important stuff was taken care of (I.E. THE NUPTIALS) it was almost immediately down to business. The food was good, the cake was even better, and then there were the toasts. During the toast stories were shared about how their relationships got started. The only thing coming from the Pearson's direction was smiles and laughter. It was easy to see that these two are truly loved. One part of the night that stood out to me was the speech of the Bride’s father; he passed along so much wisdom I caught myself taking mental notes. He also displayed an obvious love and respect for Saidah and Julian. The amazing thing about this is the fact that same notion was the theme of the entire night.

Finally, all of the dancing began once the formalities were in place. The music was pumping and bodies were moving. All of this ended with watching the amazing fireworks on display at the Forest Park Grounds. It was the perfect way to end a perfect evening. Congrats again to Julian and Saidah Pearson. Enjoy the rest of your lives together!



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