Thank you... St. Louis Best Bridal

Well well well, looky what came in the mail today. It's always cool to be recognized for your work as a St. Louis Wedding Photographer!

The awesome thing about St. Louis Best Bridal is their dedication to helping the bride. When I first got wind that we would be featured, I began to do my research. I found out they feature, and congratulate many couples on their future marriages. This is so awesome because I think everyone deserves that spotlight for such a huge occasion. Their awesomeness doesn't just stop there. In their print magazines, which can be found in St. Louis stores, they give notice to any and every service that a bride may be looking for. This is great because it is a lot of people's first time getting married; meaning they don't necessarily know everything about planning a wedding... HUGE HELP!

I hope I'm fortunate enough to work with St. Louis Best Bridal again. It was great getting to know their team over there.

Our print feature in St. Louis Best Bridal featuring the wonderful story our our couple Kevin and Britt. This is a great surprise.

Be sure to pick up your copy of St. Louis Best Bridal at all Schnucks and Dierberg's stores.


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