Pulitzer Arts Foundation Engagement Photos | St. Louis, MO Photographer | Courtney and Comesha

Pulitzer Arts Foundation Engagement Photos | St. Louis, MO Photographer | Courtney and Comesha

Comesha and Courtney's engagement session at the Pulitzer Art's Foundation in St. Louis, MO made for great photos. Visit to see the shoot!

Castlewood State Park Engagement Photos | St. Louis, MO Photographer | Bub and Tra

Castlewood State Park had a love filled engagement

Bub and Tra are one amazing couple! Young and in love, these two have been together for YEARS! Seeing their chemistry on the wedding day, it's evident they are truly in love. The concern she has for him, the attention he has for her tells of a beautiful love.

When we arrived to Castlewood State Park it was a little gloomy, but it was ok! The canopy of trees looked great, and their outfit choice complimented perfectly. Then the rain started :(. After we waited in the car for about 10 minutes everything was good to go from there. The sun started shining, and everything else was fine from there!

Love & Basketball at Castlewood State Park

Once we left Castlewood, we headed out to find a nice park with a basketball court to take more elegantly dressed photos. A little back story; these two are career athletes, so it only makes sense to incorporate it into their engagement photos, right?

Anyway, Bubba made sure to impress us with his knit tie, and Tra definitely stopped the show with her beautiful dress.


Lunch at Broadway Oyster Bar

The last stop for these two was at one of their favorite restaurants, Broadway Oyster Bar (definitely check them out if you haven't.) They were able to enjoy lunch together after a small celebration and documentation of their love.

The Bentleys: Nelson-Atkins Engagement

Nelson-Atkins Museum Engagement

Going into this engagement session at the Nelson-Atkins Museum I was already aware of these two's chemistry. On the one hand you have Bentley; reserved, pensive, yet goofy all the the same breath. On the other hand you have Symone; outgoing, strong willed, and GOOFY still. Sounds like a great mixture of fun characteristics right? Well it was!

As soon as we arrived to our location the day was gloomy (perfect), the weather was cooler than normal (Thank GOD), and the couple was slowly warming up to the idea of having a camera in their face for an hour.

From the BEGINNING, to my surprise (and Bentley's too) he was almost the star of the show. Cracking the most jokes, suggesting poses, and kept the love of his life in all smiles. It really made for a great group of love filled and passionate portraits. I was in love myself. Watching their chemistry, observing the way she looked him in the eyes and vice versa was a great thing to witness. THIS WAS ONLY IN THE FIRST 15 MINUTES OF THE SHOOT!

The later half of the session at our beautiful location was only better. The open fields, clean walls, and arch way of trees made for a great location to capture beauty. The ornament the future Bentleys served as made things just that much more lovable. This place can be used for many different shoot ideas, and it seems that the possibilities within this place are endless. We didn't even explore all that we possible could have. A location so large with such beautiful scenery should be shared with the world.

Enjoy what we were able to create this day; it definitely wasn't the hardest job I've had.. Keep a look out for their wedding as well on September 24th THIS YEAR!

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