How Long Until We Can See Our pictures?

Ever wondered how long it will take for you to receive your photos once your wedding takes place? Yeah I had the same questions for my wedding too. We go through the day, everything runs smoothly. We part ways with friends and family and head off into the sunset for our honeymoon.

This is where things get interesting.


Depending on your photographer you never know how long (or short) of a time period you could be waiting. You could receive your delivery two weeks, or 6 months from the wedding date; who knows?! Well I take part of that back. Depending on the photographer the time will vary, you not knowing is completely out of the question.

But, what about sneak peaks? I know I know, we all see the sneak peak images posted the day after a wedding date, but honestly it's not a custom for every studio. Don't get me wrong it's awesome that some photographers will churn a couple of the jaw dropping photos around to share, but there is also a crowd that likes to hold that first viewing to a special place in their heart. This all depends on the photographer you work with. Should it be a deal breaker? NO! It's probably a good thing to know or ask about upfront though, so there are no surprises.


With HEAVENLY LOVE STUDIOS, we deliver our photos between 8 and 10 weeks after the actual wedding date, and we make sure our clients know this! The last thing we want for you is to have any uncertainty with when you will receive your beautiful photos. We also do not share sneak peak images with the world before your reveal session. Why? Because we believe the first moment you and your spouse see your images should be intimate and special; not for everyone in the world to notice before you even see the Facebook notification.

So, my advice would be:

  1. Simply be patient with your photographer. You never know, they may have a system in place as to when they will tell you. If it get's to the wedding date and you still don't know then it doesn't hurt to ask. It's better to be upfront and know what's going on, than to be in the dark and dissatisfied.
  2. If the photographer does communicate a date with you let that time pass. Trust me, they are just as eager to reveal and share your images with you as you are to see them. It's exciting for both parties!
  3. Check to see if your photographer participates in sharing sneak peak images. It's not a deal breaker, but it's definitely good to know.

Anthony Robinson

St. Louis Wedding Photographer