Should I give my photographer a shot list?

In the excitement and frenzy of your new found wedding planning talents life can get a little crazy pretty quick. Between finding all of your favorite vendors, creating a list, getting the dress, notifying your friends, the list goes on; there are some minute things that can work their way into the list of importance as well. One of those being your shot list.

There are times when finding the perfect photographer for your wedding day can get a little crazy, and that's kind of the fun in it as well. But, what about when you've actually found them. The consultation was had, the energy was great, the collections offered were perfect, and the example work was beautiful; now it's just the waiting game until the wedding day. In your patience your best buddy suggests you get on Pinterest to find all of the photos you want taken by your photographer on your wedding day, and so ensues the creation of the longest and most scripted shot list one could find.


While the care and ambition is truly honored and appreciated; there are some problems that can come from this. Actually, let's talk about it.

Now, don't get me wrong, there is a level of creating a shot list that is appreciated. Maybe you're notifying the exact family members you want in a photo, or maybe even one-two moments while getting ready and during the portraits? However, there is a thin line between hints and direction :). Things begin to get tricky with your photo professional when they're handed a three page list of "natural moments" found by a mixture of other photographers from the web. This is why this may want to be avoided. The photographer you found and hired is a consummate professional, and one who cares about not only ensuring the story of your wedding has been told, but also cares to deliver in the most beautiful and unique way possible. It's tough for her to deliver what draw you to her when she has to focus on a list through out the entire day. The uniqueness of your day will fade away; worse, more important moments can be missed due to the focus of his attention.

Instead allow your photographer the freedom to create and tell the unique story of your day as it unfolds. This is what makes your day as special as it can be. You and your fiance are created different from anyone else, so make sure your wedding day is the exact same.

Anthony Robinson

St. Louis Wedding Photographer